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It's small enough to stay out of the way and eases beginners into the process of making beer

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Brewie's smartphone-controlled system makes homemade beer easier


Finding the right equipment, making accurate measurements, timing the boil, and other factors can drive home brewing newbies to the brink. But now, there is alternative: Brewie

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The closest thus far to a fully automated beer making appliance

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The ultimate connected appliance for lovers of home-brewed beer


Until now, making your own craft beer has been difficult and cumbersome. That’s all about to change — thanks to Brewie

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calling all breweries!

To give our customers the most satisfaction we are providing them the ingredients in a ready-to-brew package, called the Brewie Pad. Do you have experience in beer brewing and are willing to create recipes for our Brewie Pads? If yes, this is the part where you can be involved in the beer revolution.


be a partner!

If you have your tasty beer why not cooperate with us? By making a partnership with Brewie your beer will be noticed for sure and you can get your own share as well. Just tell us about what type of beers you brew and how you plan to work together. As Brewie has a secure system it is guaranteed your precious recipe will remain a secret.