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  • Brew Simple
    Brewie, as an automated brewing machine grants an easy, user-friendly interface. You can brew the craft beers of your liking without difficulty - either with creating your own recipe or choosing one from its vast database, only by pressing a few buttons.
  • Brew Clean
    Operating the Brewie makes all previous brewing systems obsolete. Its inner cleaning programs helps you tidying up your home brewery without effort, and complies to the high hygienic standards of producing your own consumables.
  • Brew Magnificient
    The ever expanding features and possibilities of Brewie leave great space for experiments as well as training. All this makes Brewie a perfect product for experts and beginners alike.

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Creating recipes in the 2.1

Creating recipes in the 2.1

While creating a recipe, Thomas guides us through all the new functions of the 2.1 recipe creator.
The last day of the Dark Monk discount

The last day of the Dark Monk discount

There’s only one day left from the Dark Monk discount - don’t hesitate to order the darkest Brewie Pad today!
Brewie Bags available

Brewie Bags available

Get ready for your brewing sessions with the reliable Brewie Mashing Bags

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As brewing beer is a social activity, we created a platform where you can share your experiences and recipes with each other. Brewie's community gives you an opportunity to connect with other brewers all over the world.

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