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World’s first fully automated home brewery. Brew your own beer with a single push of a button.

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    Simplicity was one of our main aims when creating this device. Now you can easily make your own craft beer with the option of choosing from thousands of recipes from our database.
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    We also focused on eliminating the mess that comes with beer brewing. Therefore, Brewie has the ability to clean itself. Its clean and minimal design also makes it a great match for your kitchen.
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    For experts and Beginners: The features of Brewie make it a perfect product for everyone let it be an expert or beginner.

Brewer's review

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    Brewie's smartphone-controlled system makes homemade beer easier
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    It was an amazing experience seeing Brewie crafting the same beer like mine. I truly can't feel the difference!
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    With Brewie’s online brew data tracking it is super easy to analyze your beer from batch to batch.
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    The closest thus far to a fully automated beer making appliance
    Washington Post

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As brewing beer is a social activity we created a platform where you can share your experiences and recipes with each other. Brewie’s community gives you an opportunity to connect with other brewers all over the world.

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