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Meet the

Brewie pad

Choose your favorite beer right from our recipe database and we will deliver a ready-to-brew package, called the Brewie Pad that contains all the ingredients you need for your own tasty craft beer. It is all natural and of the highest quality.

Beer Making Kit
  • Brewing Ingredients
    Fresh Ingredients
    Brewie only uses clean, natural ingredients without any chemicals. The high-quality elements ensure you a delicious and healthy craft beer. The Pads come with 4-8 kg malt, 20-200 g hop, 5-11,5 g yeast depending on the recipe.
  • Create Brewing Recipes
    Virtual Cookbook
    The package also includes an RFID card that stores the details of your recipe.
  • Save Money
    Cost Effectiveness
    With Brewie Pads you don't have to purchase the ingredients separately in bigger packages, but just as much as you need for your brew. Thanks to that you will save money, time and energy.

What Is Inside

The Box

  • Ingredients for Brewing Malt
    #1. Malt
    The Pads come with 4-8 kg malt depending on the recipe. The type of malt will define the basics of the beer: sweetness and color.
  • Ingredients for Brewing Hops
    #2. Hops
    The Pads come with 20-200 g hop depending on the recipe. The acids in the hops have an impact on the bitterness and sweetness of the beer.
  • Ingredients for Brewing Yeast
    #3. Yeast
    The Pads come with 5-11,5 g yeast depending on your recipe. Different yeast has different effects on the flavor and aroma characteristics of your brew.
  • Brewie Pad Contents RFID Card
    #4. RFID Card
    The package also includes an RFID card that stores the details of your recipe. With that you save time and energy as Brewie will automatically identify the recipe and start brewing.

How It


  • Brewie Ingredients
    Brewie Ingredients
    1. Put the Pads Into Your Brewie

    Simply put the malt into the mashing tank and the hops into the hop containers. Water input can be measured both automatically and manually.

  • Scan RFID Card
    Scan RFID Card
    2. Scan the RFID Card

    With each Brewie Pad, you receive an RFID card that contains the details of your recipe. Place the RFID card in front of Brewie's wireless RFID reader and Brewie will automatically know what kind of beer you want to brew. After that, all you have to do is just press start. Let Brewie do the rest.

  • Brew and Ferment
    Brew and Ferment
    3. Let It Brew and Ferment

    After 5-6 hours your batch is ready for fermentation. Brewie is compatible with all existing fermentation solutions, so you can choose the one that suits you best. Fermentation usually takes up to 7-21 days depending on the recipe.