Purchasing a Brewie

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Brewie is available at the Brewie Shop. You can find the Shop at http://shop.brewie.org/

Of course you can! Check the Brewie Shop for more information on accessories or different Brewie Pads: http://shop.brewie.org/

As of now, Brewies are available in Australia, Canada, the European Union, Norway, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the US.

Right now, we are using USD for all purchases, independent of where you’re residing. We’ll expand options to Euro and – if requests become frequent – to other currencies.

Yes, of course! Once you finalize your order, you'll receive an automatic message which includes your purchase information and a receipt for your purchas(es).

Brewie has a warranty of 18 months, which naturally starts counting on the day you receive your Brewie.

Unfortunately, everything expires. However, Brewie Pads have a lifetime of approximately 6 months – but it will be displayed on their packaging, naturally. However, make sure that neither the malt, nor the hops are exposed directly to sunlight – it can fasten up the expiring process.

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