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As of now, Brewie and accessories are available in Australia, Canada, the European Union, Iceland, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States. Shipping is also possible to other countries, in cases of special requests - for more information, contact us!

Brewies are manufactured at and shipped from Taiwan and reach their destination countries by air cargo.

We are working with a three-month-long schedule, so whenever you order your Brewie, we ship it to the destination country in three months.

Brewie Pads and accessories are currently assembled in Australia, Hungary and the US – which helps with a fast delivery of 2-3 weeks from finalizing your order. If your Brewie has not yet been shipped or if you have just purchased it, you’ll most probably receive the Pads along your Brewie.

Unfortunately, no – wherever you ordered your Brewie, accessories are assembled in the site closest to you, while Brewie manufacturing stays in Taiwan.

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