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4 days ago
Our Software Team is working on optimizing the user interface.
2 months ago
Better and more efficient brewing sessions with the Maibock 3.0 update.
3 months ago
With two new recipes!
5 months ago
Isn't it too soon for another update? Did something go wrong? Sure not! The sudden arrival of the Lambic 2.8 is important because we are migrating to our new update methodology, which will help us in the optimization of the machine's subsequent processes.
5 months ago
Our main purpose with the Kölsch 2.7 was optimizing the machine and ease the work of our service partners.
6 months ago
One more shipping update at the end of the year. We're working really hard in order to speed up the processes.
6 months ago
This day we've reached the next step of homebrewing with the IPA 2.6 software update. It allows you to control the brewing method from your couch.
6 months ago
Two new recipes, a factory update and a mobile application for iOS and Android.
6 months ago
And this time it's going to be a BIG hit!
7 months ago
Three new recipes and a visible version number.