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As we’ve written you last week, the Double IPA bug fix software version has been released - and solved the dreaded 99% Bug. In the following article, we amassed all differences the Chocolate Stout and its fix, the Double IPA have brought us.
1 week ago
The new software will launch in a few days so prepare yourself to get back to brewing and update your machine to 2.1!
2 weeks ago
The solution of the latest bugs
4 weeks ago
Now that the 2.0 is ready, it’s time for reassessment.
After a lengthy waiting period, the 2.0 is being released this week! Check your internet connections and start downloading the Chocolate Stout Update - but keep in mind all the differences, to avoid any confusions while getting familiar with the new features!
1 month ago
Connection problems solved in the 2.0
1 month ago
It just looks more complex than it actually is
1 month ago
The Chocolate Stout (2.0) update is in the final testing phase and now the main features and changes are in the finish line. To help all Brewie owners prepare for the new functions, we are releasing a step by step guide, which states all the expected new windows, pop-up messages, etc. Have fun and read it carefully!
In other news, the 2.0 is soon out of the testing period.
2 months ago
All new users: make sure that you thoroughly read the followings!