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3 days ago
If you ever happened to be near to a home brewery, you've probably already known that cleaning is the most tedious but also the most essential part of brewing. Maybe it's not too bold to declare but cleaning must be the basic fact why people have given up their dream of making home made craft beer.
2 weeks ago
When we say "your own beer" it's not only indicating that you brewed the beverage. Due to the possibility to create your unique recipes after mastering the brewing routine you can truly deliver your loved ones the most unique flavours that they’ve ever tasted. Batch after batch you'll be able to work with not solely the ready-to-brew Pads but experimenting with ingredients and make the experience more specific. Combining imagination with the existing ingredients make a beer as individual as you are.
2 months ago
Generally speaking, we can say that for the purpose of brewing beer we need an immense amount of good quality water, regarding the fact that 90% of the finished beverage is water. In the case of brewing, we not only use it for the brew but also for cleaning, fertilizing, cooling and bottling as well, so different types of water is sufficient for various kind of tasks.
2 months ago
Although plain notebooks and Excel spreadsheets have already been outdated, Brewer’s Friend and Beersmith also have their respective disadvantages. Adding a new/mutated recipe manually every single time and then following this recipe while brewing on a totally different platform might become a real nightmare - especially for those who have already tested and brewed dozens of recipes before. But what should the optimal solution be?
2 months ago
We’ve arrived to a place where you don't have to deal with the choosing between mass-produced beer from the supermarket shelves or expensive and hard to get craft beer from micro breweries. The trend reached a time when you shall be able to produce the most responsible and consistently delicious beer at your own home.
2 months ago
Even though all of us love going out and have a refreshing bottle of beer, sometimes it's better to stay at home and have some more intimate time with our loved ones. Why not connect both activities for the purpose of having fun and spending valued hours with our friends and family? Not to mention - have you ever thought about that why not to turn brewing into a social activity?