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2 days ago
Having the meanest enemy called hangover in front of us pulls out questions like the purpose of existence of life and humankind on Earth beside other equally important things and revelations such as I won't drink anything alcoholic anymore. During and after lamenting, the most important task is to deal with the state of your body and mind.
1 week ago
Three beer enthusiasts with a simple goal: not only to copy their favourite craft beer festivals, but - after getting touched by their vibe - to make the best craft beer event in their hometown.
2 weeks ago
If you happen to be in Budapest this May don't miss out the greatest opportunity to taste the best well-crafted beverages of the world while attending the Budapest Beer Week!
3 weeks ago
Rock stars are spinned up by the power of music and beer but some of them aren't satisfied with ruling only one aspect of this pairing. Let's see some catchy drink-music combinations before presenting the most famous rock star beers!
1 month ago
All of us know clearly that the first rays of the Spring sun means Summer is only a couple of weeks away (and due to global warming, its heat is unbearable from year to year - that makes us angry and thirstier than ever). And what about Summer? Festivals, concerts and a crazy amounts of outdoor activities. And BBQ of course!