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2 months ago
Shipping update!
4 months ago
Brewie+ machines are still coming and the first batch has arrived at our Budapest HQ.
4 months ago
Find two extra surprises in your package!
5 months ago
The mass-production of the Brewie+ has just started and your previously ordered all-in-one brewing machines soon begin their adventurous journey towards our warehouses! The first one and a half hundred machines are ready to roll and from the beginning of the next week we're going to increase the producing and provide you a weekly steady flow of updates.
7 months ago
2017 was doubtlessly a stepping stone in the history of Brewie. We’ve faced so many challenges in the last few months and it might’ve clouded all the developments and changes we lived through together. We started shipping machines to the EU or to North America, but even to Australia – neither that we shall deliver one thousand machines in the first year of production! But it did happen, along with many other achievements – launching the educative Brewie Ambassador program around the globe, opening up our very own webshop and continuously increasing the number of people helping out and improving Brewie as a company.
7 months ago
USA units departed from the storage this week and they're going to be delivered for USA/CA customers as soon as possible.
8 months ago
71 Brewie B20 machines are on the road to the US, for customers who chose US plug type for their unit. All of these orders will finally arrive at their rightful owners until the end of the month.
9 months ago
Half a hundred Brewie B20 machines went off from Taiwan.
9 months ago
The delivering procedure will be continuous.
10 months ago
Even though we try to do everything to fasten the operation a little delay may occur in our answers to any request.