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1 week ago
We're all craving for something cold in those hot summery days in the city. Let our newest Brewie Pad, this tasty Black IPA be your guide in the crazy and crowded urban jungle surrounded by concrete hills.
2 weeks ago
By challenging ourselves every day we try to amuse our customers more and more. Ensuring better circumstances for shopping is one of those aims that we need to fulfill in order to have happy and satisfied clients.
4 weeks ago
Don't be out of the loop, taste our newest creation at the speed of 55 mph! This category of beer refers to lagers brewed without any cereal (corn or rice). Still yellow and fizzy, these beverages will display a broader depth of malt flavor and a more complex bitterness and hop aroma than their adjunct counterparts.
1 month ago
Our beloved series is back on track. The Brewie Team proudly presents you the beer of April: the Citrataur!
1 month ago
Have you ever found yourself lost due to the annoying pop-ups after a hard day in the office, wishing an easy and quick way to order what you want? Fancy limiting the time that you spend staring at your electronic devices when you don't necessarily need to? Do you remember the last time when you checked the shipping costs, find them too pricy and cancelled your order?
2 months ago
Inspired by Frankenstein's legend, we created the first thirst-quenching beasts for Brewie's Smashtiary.
2 months ago
It's crazy but in a good way - we've arrived to the Danish market thank to our distributor, Maltbazaren.
2 months ago
Eyeing the opportunity to brew your own beer in the comfort of your home? Now, this is the deal that you just simply cannot miss because your future home brewery, the Brewie+ has arrived at the Brewie Shop and it's faster, better and stronger than any previous brewing units!
2 months ago
Get the Brewie+ on Thursday at a special price!
3 months ago
This highly drinkable Vienna lager based on Vienna and Munich malts, Magnum and Amarillo hops. The elegant beverage goes well with mild cheese, almond biscotti, grilled meat, and vegetables.