First steps

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Turn Brewie+ into standby mode by flipping the main switch. Turn Brewie+ on by pressing the power button on the right side of the machine. Keep the button pressed until it beeps and lights up.
IMPORTANT: If you have received your machine from one of our service partners please make sure that all silicone plugs have been removed from the machines. There are 6 plugs altogether, 2 in the mashing tank, 2 in the boiling tank and 2 in the machine's back panel.


The machine will automatically look for internet connection to update its software. If you haven’t before connected your Brewie+ to a network, select a WiFi network and enter the password if prompted. If the Brewie+ has been connected before, it will automatically try to connect to the network.

If the machine is unable to connect please check for other solutions in the FAQ’s Support category.


Every time Brewie+ turns on, it will look for the latest software on the internet - it will take a minute.

You can find a detailed description of the latest software among the Knowledge Center’s News.


After your Brewie+ turned on, you can reach the settings menu by pressing the button in the upper right corner. Here you can set your timezone, current time and the unit system for measurements (imperial or metric).


Calibration is available from the Home/Settings menu. Keep in mind to calibrate the machine as often as you can - but at least once after every 3 brewings.
After you have chosen Calibration four options will appear.

The first four panels will include information about the calibration: to empty the machine (including the false bottom); why we need calibration; the new, two-phased process and a reminder of preparations. After pressing “Done” on every window, you will receive a box in which you can type how much water will you use up for the primary calibration. This amount must be between 7000-10000 grams of water. If the number is in this range, a check mark will appear in the upper-left corner

After pressing the check mark, a notification will remind you to pour in the previously set amount of water.
IMPORTANT: Only press “Done” after you have poured the water inside the boiling tank. After pressing “Done” the primary calibration phase will start.
IMPORTANT: Do not touch the machine during the calibration phase. If the Calibration was successful, you will be directed onwards. If not, calibration ends and you need to restart the process. When primary calibration ended, the secondary calibration phase starts, where you need to add exactly 2000 grams (or 2 liters) of water to the boiling tank. If you’ve added the water and pressed “Done” the secondary calibration process starts.
IMPORTANT: Do not touch the machine during the calibration phase. If the Calibration was successful, a "Success" screen will appear. You will find a “Let's Drain” button. After pressing it, you can start draining the remaining water any time by long pressing (app. 3 seconds) the button on the left side of the machine.


It is really important to run this program before your first brewing as a precaution. Also, some tools of the machine will only work properly after this cleaning as they need the water surface for their basic settings.
Skipping this step may cause serious errors and damages in the system! As these would be the result of improper use, we won’t be able to repair it under the warranty!
Before starting the program, please check if:

  • Hoses are connected
  • No ingredients or cages in the tanks and containers
  • No false bottom in the machine
  • 5-5 liters of boiling water in both boiling tanks

Press "Down" button and follow the instructions.

  1. Press Start cleaning
  2. Prepare for draining

If you were not able to finish the First safety cleaning, don’t worry. Choose Home/Extras/ Short clean - this program will technically substitute the first safety clean - with either manual or automatic water inlet.

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