5.4. How it works

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Caution! Hot! Brewie+'s surface can get extremely hot during the brewing cycle. Handle Brewie+, hoses, and components with care.

Caution! Hot liquid! Risk of equipment damage! Do not remove water hoses while Brewie+ is in operation.

During the mashing phase, first, water is heated. When it reaches the required temperature, it's poured on the malt.

SPARGING (optional)
Do not disturb Brewie+ while water is being cycled in or out of the machine. Disturbances can cause the weight sensor to report false data.

Do not put hops anywhere but into a hop cage. Do not put hop cages anywhere but into the hop tanks.
The Brewie+ will get hot during the process. Do not lean on the machine! Do not open the lids!

COOLING (optional)
Depending on water temperature and water pressure, cooling is usually between 10-20 minutes. Expect a large amount of water, up to 150 liters (40 US gallons) depending on brewing parameters.
The maximum cooling temperature is the temperature of the tap water supply + 5 °C (9 °F).
Additional water’s temperature might change during brewing, causing the wort’s temperature to change from brew to brew.

Caution!_Don't forget to attach the cooling water outlet to your household water sewage. Cooling is only possible when your Brewie+ is connected to your household water system and make sure the tap is open! _

Finish Brewing
Confirm that the brewing is finished and only start draining then.

When Brewie+ finished with the cooling and sedimentation phases, it will display the “Brewing is ready” window. After acknowledging it, you will be able to drain the wort out of the machine. For this, you can choose from two different draining functions - Leave sediment or Full drain. The former will leave most of the sediment at the bottom of the boiling tank - unfortunately, with about 2 liters of wort -, but the latter drains down everything through the draining tube, leaving only a thin layer of moisture at the bottom of the tank.

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