3.3. Installing and Starting

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Caution! Risk of electric shock! Risk of equipment damage! Test the ground fault circuit interrupt breaker for the circuit Brewie+ is on regularly, and ensure that the electrical wiring conforms with local safety regulations.

Additional information for US customers
The US package contains two adapters that allows you to use the machine with both US water connection standards: one for GHT and one for NPT. The package also contains a GHT tube. NPT tube is not provided with the unit, if you wish to use the machine with NPT water connection please use your own NPT tube.

  1. Check if the gaskets are well-placed in the plugs.
  2. Attach the high-pressure water hose to Brewie+’s water inlet and to your household water system (if you have the opportunity). Do not forget to make sure the household water valve is closed. Use extension hoses if necessary.
  3. Attach the low pressure hoses to the wort/ cleaning and cooling water outlets respectively (sewage, sink, bathtub or put a bucket under it at least). Ensure that the drained liquid can be captured securely (wort) or transported away (cooling water, cleaning water).
  4. Settle Brewie+ into the position you wish to use it in and make sure all hoses are still securely attached and unbroken.
  5. If you attached the water hose to Brewie+'s water inlet to your household water system, open the household water valve. Check the water pressure. Do not forget to close the water valve after brewing is finished!
  6. Plug the power cable into the power socket. Make sure that the socket is rated a minimum of 10A at 230V or 15A at 120V. Use a grounded socket.
  7. Turn Brewie+ into standby mode by flipping the main switch.
  8. Turn Brewie+ on by pressing the power button. Keep the button pressed until it beeps and lights up.

Brewie is designed to be connected to the cold water tap only. While connecting Brewie+'s water inlet to the hot water tap will not cause any permanent damage (input water temperature is safe up to 60°C), using a hot water input will prevent Brewie+ from being able to cool your wort (the machine is only able to cool the wort to the temperature of the cold water plus 5°C). To reduce the total brew time by using pre-heated water, use manual water addition rather than connecting Brewie+ to the hot water tap and attempting to swap to a cold water tap during the brew.

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