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As the world's first fully automated beer brewing machine, Brewie is capable of producing 20 liters of wort without any supervision. Add your ingredients, start the program, and let Brewie take care of your beer from mashing to cooling.

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Brew Any Type of Beer


Any Type of Beer

Brewie won't limit your fantasy: thanks to the software and hardware attributes, you can brew your favourite types of beer at home. It can be an Imperial with more than 10% ABV, a harsh IPA or a refreshing Belgian-style wheat beer.

Craft Beer


You can produce your own handcrafted beer with Brewie. The machine brews on a constant high level, and this guarantees a top-rated craft beer.

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Control and Monitor Your Brew



You can conveniently control Brewie from your smartphone, tablet and laptop as well. It was designed in a way that all generations can handle it easily.

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