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Take homebrewing to a new level.

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Fully automated

From mashing to cooling

Perfect your knowledge of home brewing, while the Brewie+ guides you through all steps of traditional beer brewing. The unit follows your instructions on mash steps, sparging and hop addition, while you're already working on your next recipe.

  • Adjustable batch capacity up to 20 liters
  • Automated mashing steps, sparging and hopping
  • Cool to target temperature for fermentation

The newest generation

Brewie+: evolution in home brewing

Taking brewing experience, technical simplification and user feedback into consideration, the Brewie+ has become the simple most advanced brewing machine on the market.

Improved time-efficiency

By optimizing firmware control and introducing custom-made parts, the total brewing time has been decreased by up to 15%.

Remote control

Download the Brewie application and control your Brewie+ while saving your precious time for the tasks that really matter

Upgraded precision and UX

With upgraded inner water sensors, the Brewie+ is the no-nonsense, easy-to-handle brewing device you've been waiting for.

Increased Wi-Fi reception

Brew your favourite beers from your garage, garden shed or other brewing den, and connect to your home network easily for total control anywhere.

Doubled memory storage

Live up to your brewing dreams, test and experiment with recipes without limitation - the Brewie+ gives you the space to improve your own database.

Clear coating

Impress anyone with the smooth, efficiency-oriented design of the Brewie+ and keep it clean easier than ever.

The Brewie+ was meant for you

Suiting your experience

  • Beginner
  • Expert

Become a master

Practice, experiment and learn all the tricks of brewing.

Join satisfied master brewers around the world who already know what it truly means to brew comfortably with the Brewie.

Or check out the videos our Ambassadors made. They’ve already mastered the Brewie and all its perks - and they are more than happy to share them with you.

Brewie around the world

Share your brew!

Be a part of the lively Brewie community, and learn more about brewing with the Brewie+! Contact to know how to join the ranks of fellow brewers or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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the Brewie+

The Brewie+ is the world's most advanced home brewing machine, designed by beer lovers for beer lovers. The machine does not require any previous brewing experience - but is a great tool for master brewers or commercial breweries as well as for the beginners of this fine art.

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For beginners

If you want something that handles the difficult parts of brewing such as the timing and the temperature than Brewie+ has been made for you.

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How it works

Get to know more about the machine’s main features and the brewing steps.

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