10 useful gifts for beer lovers

So that Christmas is really around the corner but you still have few more days to buy some last minute gifts for your loved ones (or yourself). We all are beer enthusiast at the Brewie Team so we’ve collected some tips for your friends, family members or colleagues. We certainly hope that your beer buddies are going to love these presents like we would.

1. Brewie B20 with Brewie Pads
What can we offer firstly if not our homebrewing machine? With the Brewie20 you can easily make your own beer in the comfort of your cozy home. This gift presents the opportunity to make you or your friend the newest homebrewer of the forthcoming year. Check out the Brewie Shop and get all of our products at a festive price.

2. Personalised beer mug
Your own beer from your own mug? Yes! If drinking can be more amusing, personalized beer mugs definitely contribute to this experience. There are a crazy amount of funny mugs on the market so you don’t have to waste a lot of your time finding the perfect one for your friend.

3. Bottle cap candles
You have beer buddies but you’re looking for something cheaper than a homebrewing machine and you’re also into D.I.Y.? Then bottle cap candles are the perfect gift for you to make. You just need bottle caps, candle wax and pre-waxed wicks. Put the wicks into the caps, pour the candle wax into the caps and let it cool for 1-2 hours.

4. Magnetic bottle opener
From now on you don’t have to take one step further from your fridge in order to open your bottle because there are several practical bottle openers that are fridge magnets as well. So after closing the refrigerator’s door, your beer is ready to drink!

5. Hopped Up Coffe
The notion that unifies your two favourite drinks, coffee, and tea. Sean Godbey and Eric Wisner’s invention unites stouts, porters, and IPAs with coffee infusions. They use beer ingredients like barley and hops with coffee grounds to satisfy your craft-loving tastebuds.

6. Six Pack Cooler Tote
Imagine yourself on a sunny Sunday afternoon going to the park. You fancy bringing some beer with yourself but according to the warm weather, it’s not really worth the effort. Not anymore! With the Six Pack Cooler Tote, you’ll be able to pack six bottles of beer and keep them cool while you’re on the go.

7. Homebrew journal
No need for further explanations, every beer enthusiast homebrewer wishes to have a proper beer diary where they can track their recipes, fermentation facts, and brewing results. You can buy one online or make a d.i.y. version of that special planner for the next year.

8. Please Bring Me Beer socks
Even though on some occasions it’s a little bit inappropriate to wear (why can’t you ask a beer instead of wearing your request on your socks) it’s absolutely hilarious to give these socks to your beer buddy who likes to put his legs on the table.

9. Brewer shirts
You know it’s the era of affordable designer T-Shirts with funny graphics and texts. There are a bunch of cool alternatives to surprise your friends with clothing that squares their taste and humour. These tees are not like commercial advertisements anymore, they reflect on their wearer’s personal style and they’re always fun to wear.

10. Chillsner
Always cold beer for serial chillers. Sounds epic, right? The Chillsner is a crafty tool that makes you able to enjoy your beer, soda or juice ice cold to the final sip. Store your Chillsner for at least 90 minutes in the freezer and insert it into your bottle. The device lets you relish your beverage crisp and delicious even if it wasn’t in the fridge before.

Besides gifts, the festive menu is also an important part of the celebration. Let’s see some ideas: how to make dishes with Brewie Pads!

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