7 Reasons why you should brew with Brewie

Brewie, the world’s first fully automated beer brewing machine is still the only product on the market that covers all the steps of traditional beer brewing. Considering an upgrade to a Brewie? Let us give you 7 great reasons why you should.

1.       Fully automated

The Brewie covers all steps of the beer brewing process including: mashing, sparging, boiling, hopping, cooling and even cleaning. The entire brewing process is fully automated and yet fully customizable. Select from a menu of pre-set brewing processes for specific beers, or adjust the brewing parameters for customized results.

2.       Any type of beer

The Brewie gives you full and sophisticated control over your brew and it allows you to brew all types of beer the world can offer. Other systems are either closed or have limited features. The Brewie will allow you to explore every corner of the world of beer.

3.       Premium beer recipes

There are a lot of beer recipes on the internet but you never know what recipes are truly good until you brew them. Brewie continuously develops recipes in-house and also test recipes created by members of the Beer Explorers Club. The best recipes are collected and shared in the “Ultimate Recipe Guide” that Brewie updates monthly. 

Want to brew something on your own? No problem, Brewie is an open system, meaning that you can use your own, fully customized recipes.

4.       Guaranteed return on investment

Getting full automation comes with a price but brewing on Brewie is super cost-effective and pays off quite quickly. Depending on where you live and how much they charge you for craft beer, you will make your money back after just 10 brews – and not to mention the countless hours would save on top of this!

5.       Self-cleaning

Cleaning is the worst part of brewing and it is not only annoying but can be very time consuming as well. The Brewie has a built-in cleaning system that will help you get your machine cleaned with the least amount of effort possible.

6. Support of veteran brewers

Brewie has one of the largest brewer communities in the world – 
The Beer Explorers Club – with brewers from over 50 countries.

More than 25% of the Beer Explorers Club members have been brewing beer for over a decade. You can learn from some of the most experienced brewers in the world. Have a question? Go ahead and ask the Club. All members are very active and supportive, so your questions will always be answered.

7. Quality ingredients

Brewie is an open-system which means it gives you total freedom: you can use your own ingredients, create your own recipes and use your own accessories. However if you are new to brewing, need inspiration or just want to brew a beer that has been tested by thousands of brewers, then Brewie’s all-grain beer kits are for you. The kit includes the highest, natural ingredients you can find on the market, which will result in guaranteed quality beer.


The Brewie+ provides you a perfect combination of full control and full flexibility.

It follows the exact steps of traditional brewing and allows you to manually interfere at any point by modifying the recipe or the brewing process.

Its full control allows you to brew consistent and high quality beer.

Should you be new to brewing, brewing manually or using another system, Brewie is the way to go.

Read more about Brewie here:  https://brewie.org/machine

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