A drinking exercise for mindfulness

Enjoying the pleasures and just being happy about life in general is healthier than you can imagine! As a matter of fact, the health of the body and the soul are inseparable. Numerous examples prove that the changes of the body follow the alterations of the soul – just like when you get nervous and your stomach hurts.

But enjoying the pleasures is not equal to bolt them down because every excess lowers the joy. A lecherous can’t be a gourmand at the same time! Relishing pleasures is an art that can be learned.

Obviously, you’ve experienced the calming effects of drinking beer, but try to give yourself up to really enjoying the beverage this time: take a drinking exercise for mindfulness! The most important thing in this is privacy. Find some time when nobody bothers you. Snuggle down on your couch and pour yourself a bottle of beer. Hold your glass to the light, observe the bubbles and the color of your drink, smell it and taste it.

Drink it slowly, feel the nice and refreshing effects in your tongue, your mouth, your palate and in your throat. Be aware and notice all the positive feelings that the sipping makes out of you: how your body reacts, how your mood changes. Measure how long does it take until you drink your beer.

On the next day repeat the ceremony but with a glass of beer and take the same time as yesterday. The day after that, drink another glass but during twice as long as you did before. You’ll be surprised how this little three-day exercise can affect your perceptions and joy of drinking. When you want to enjoy something, do it deliberately and thoughtfully. When you keep yourself to that, you’ll always know how to drink moderately.

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