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Savoury snack is a special type of refreshment that is not only complete a glass of beer, but it harmonizes the beverage in its taste and flavor. Eating savory snack while drinking provides you a complex gastronomic experience. Let’s see what you would eat (if you dare) during drinking when you not really in the mood of devouring some salted peanuts.

As you’ve already guessed by its name, Zavináč is a Czech snack: slices of herring marinated in vinegar and onion.

Like the previous one, Utopenec is also a Czech delicacy: sausages mellowed in vinegar with salt and onion.

It’s hard to imagine drinking beer without crispy sausages in Germany, there are a crazy amount of wursts that you are free to consume in pubs and beer fests.

Halwe Hahn
One of the most favored snacks is Cologne, it’s sort of a transition between loaf and bun. It is usually eaten with butter, mustard and a thick piece of Gouda cheese.

Kölsche Kaviar
Another treat from Cologne: black pudding with onion rings, mustard, and Halwe Hahn.

Czech soft cheese tempered with spices and beer.

Soft-ripened (in oil for 3-4 days) Camembert cheese with black pepper and pepperoni pepper. Serve it with fresh rye bread.

Vyalenaya ryba/ vobla
Dried salty fish from Russia that has been popular from the 19th century.

Lupin bean
It’s a Portugal favorite. This kind of beans is very cheap in that country and they prefer eating it in pickled form, flavored with salt, garlic, black pepper and fresh parsley.

Crispy fish
This savoury snack served with dips is very popular in Spain.

Crickets and bugs
It’s not surprising that in the Far East crickets, bugs, grasshoppers, caterpillars, and larvas are also eaten in pubs as well beside some tasty beer.

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