Brew your relationship

Good with the grill

Have you ever wondered what does “+” means in the name of Brewie+? We know that it gives you much more than beer – but our friend Josh found a whole new meaning that surprised us too. Who wants to mess around with dating apps when you can have a steel box to stun everyone? Well, it was only half a joke…

Scrambled impressions

“I think everyone knows these ‘act cool, your crush is coming’ situations. Well, I was never good at that – so I had to find another way to gain the attention of my brother’s university classmate. Claire isn’t only pretty, but she has a very positive vibe around her, which comes from her passion: in her spare time, she goes to every cooking workshop she can get to, and binge watches the last few years’ Bocuse d’Ors. If only she was that into mechatronics, it wouldn’t be so hard to impress her – I thought. But in this field, my only idea was to smile and tell her I make the best scrambled eggs in the world.

Luckily, life gave me a better answer. My brother Kenny finally graduated and decided to throw a party with her uni friends at our garden. He also told me she would be there… so I quickly realised this is my moment. I furiously googled ‘how to make steak more fancy’, but just nothing seemed right.”

My chance of fanciness?

“My beer choice was the only thing certain – Hoppersonic was about to get ready in a few days according to my Brewie+ app.  I started to wonder what to brew next and searched on my shelf for the recipe guide, until I accidentally dropped the Brewie box to the floor. I absent-mindedly looked on the instruction manual that fell out of it, when one word caught my eyes: sous vide. I was sure it was a French word meaning something very fancy about food. At first, I was worried it is about snails or something even freakier – but when I found out it is basically slow cooked meat, I told myself, what could go wrong? Before the day of the party, all ingredients was ready, but I was a bit nervous. However, it was easy to calm myself down with the fresh IPA I just brewed: Hoppersonic was light, fresh, and even my ‘team wine’ father liked it.”

The courage of gastronomy

“With a little help of my family, my delicious steak was close to being ready when the first guests arrived. I concentrated on helping with the salads and talking about my beer that I almost forgot about my anxiety. A few moments later, Claire stepped among the guys, smiling, and pointed at the Brewie+ standing on a table: ‘Wow, is you beer that fresh? I mean, it’s unlikely to brew in just a few hours. What’s you secret?’” And I, miraculously, didn’t just started laughing awkwardly, but instead told the truth: ‘Well, it is not beer. I just threw in some fine Angus meat to the sous vide for a supreme steak’.  The surprised look on her face was priceless. ‘I have always wanted to try this technique – please tell me about it!’ So we spent the rest of the night talking about my freshly gained knowledge of fine dining, our favourite films, and so on… and our last topic was the day of our first date.

It has been six months and we are going strong: Claire is still much better in the kitchen, but in exchange, I’ve learnt and brewed the perfect beer matches for her favourite dishes. Brewie+ gave me good tastes, courage and a great relationship – thank you, guys!”

Beer at the push of a button

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