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Beer Making Kit

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Brewing Machine Ingredients
Hops Malt Yeast

Choose your favourite beer from one of Brewie's unique recipes to have the ingredients delivered to your door! The pre-assembled Brewie Pads are ready-to-brew packages including all the ingredients you need to brew your very own craft beer. Ingredients are all natural and of the highest quality.

  • Brewing Ingredients
    Fresh Ingredients
    Brewie only uses clean, natural ingredients without any chemicals. The high-quality elements ensure delicious and healthy craft beers. The Pads come with 4-8 kg of malt, 20-200 g hops, 5-11,5 g of yeast depending on the recipe.
  • Create Brewing Recipes
    Virtual Cookbook
    After placing the Brewie Pads ingredients inside your Brewie, you only have to press Start - Brewie includes all information about the recipe, from the ingredients' type to the exact length of the brew.
  • Save Money
    Cost Effectiveness
    The Brewie Pad gives you the freedom to order only as much of any given ingredient as you will actually use up for a batch. Brewie Pads include all you might need for a 20 liter batch, not more, not less - which will save you money, time and energy.
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