From mashing to cooling

As the most advanced home brewing appliance in the market, the Brewie+ assists you through all the different stages of the traditional home brewing - from mashing to cooling. As a veteran brewer you surely know how much time and effort it takes to set up everything as you planned. Make things easier for yourself and level up your brewing process with the Brewie+!

Manage, monitor, test and

Perfect your recipes

The full manageability of the brewing process makes the Brewie+ ideal for testing and improving your very own recipes. Use your ingredients and work the weekend through with pilot batches of 10-20 liters. Brewie+ provides not only full control and predictability unparalleled in the brewing industry, but consistent and comparable results - perfect for experimenting. Reproducing the perfect recipe won't be a problem with the precise sensors of the Brewie+!

Easy to use

Monitor your brewing from anywhere

When we say Brewie is fully automated we DO mean it's fully automated. Just add the pre-packaged ingredients, press a button and sit back while Brewie takes care of the rest. You can monitor its progress from your smartphone, leaving you out of the mundane tasks of brewing to let you focus on what really matters. Once finished, the machine will even take care of the cleaning so you don't need to worry about anything.

  • Built-in recipe creator synchronized with your unit
  • Real-time monitoring of the brewing process
  • Fermentation tracking
  • Rate, classify and comment your results!

Use your own ingredients

We know that you love to work with your own ingredients and experiment to your heart’s content. Brewie will support you all the way, as it’s compatible with any malt, hops or spice that you can think of. Brewing pilot batches has never been easier as the machine saves every parameter resulting in consistent, comparable results - you only need to tweak the recipes to your liking.

Share your results, tips or tricks with the ever-busy home brewing community or learn some best practices yourself from similarly experienced brewers around the world.

Do you feel enthusiastic? Help out brewers who just started their journey and become one of the global Brewie Ambassadors! Check out their YouTube channel to learn more about the program.

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