Happy IPA Day!

Even though IPAs appeared in the craft beer horizon a couple of years ago (around 2005 or so), there’s still a HUGE buzz around IPA, one of the most iconic styles. Let’s take a little break from our daily routine and dedicate a few minutes to celebrate India Pale Ales all around the world ’cause today is the first Thursday of August and that means it’s IPA Day. Cheers to well-crafted IPAs! Yay!

Your hoppiness is my happiness

The trademark of the IPAs is the hop bitterness, the peculiar taste that can easily scare off rookies after the first tasting, but it’s a signature as well that makes the style super popular today. If you are pretty new to craft beverages be patient, your taste buds will smoothly adapt to this unknown bitterness. Just a little after you’ll suddenly notice the special craving to try the next IPA style (because there are so many).

According to the legend, IPAs initials stand for India Pale Ale, a Pale Ale which was hopped in the early 1800s in order to preserve its freshness on the long journey from England to India where the British Empire wanted to nurture itself with this kind of cold beverage. But story this might be a fairy tale, due to the fact that Porters, and Stouts were also transoprted to India from England around that time and none of them became skunky on the road.

No limit!

The IPA quickly grew into one of the most favoured styles among beer lovers. Not having it on the menu can be a serious disadvantage for bars, restaurants, and brewpubs. The funny thing is that this style is so popular that people literally started to call anything with strong hoppiness an IPA! Only the sky is the limit when it’s time to be creative, and IPAs inspired all brewers and drinkers equally which is best proven by the birth of the beer with a nonsense name, the Black IPA, a style that is originated from pure experimenting and the everlasting love of dark beers. But hey, how is it possible to invent something that is pale and black at the same time?

Make your own

You can be sure there are craft beer lovers around you if you notice IPAs in your local grocery store. But why not trying to make a tastier version of the commercial drink? Fortunately, IPAs are surprisingly easy to make, click here and get familiar with their history and all the types of this style from American to Rye IPA and use our brewmasters’ tips and tricks to ease the brewing process.

Although there’s still a debate around NEIPAs – should we distinguish them from American IPAs or not, Wesley is keen to help you create a well-crafted NEIPA using the Hop Whirl-pooling technique on the Brewie. Read his article then see the procedure in the motion picture as well here.

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Not so sure about brewing by yourself? No problem at all! Choose from the pre-packed and ready to brew Brewie Pads, we already have three different types of IPAs. A highly drinkable US West Coast session IPA, the Hop Hat made with Mosaic, Simcoe and Citra hops, A black panther for the residents of the urban jungle, our first black IPA, the IPAnthera and last but not at least, the Brewie Team’s ultimate favourite, the beloved Hopersonic with massively fruity even tropical taste. Order one of our IPAs (or all of them) until Sunday 18.00 CET and get them 20% off!

Happy IPA Day everyone! 

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