Beerbrewing on a higher level

Meet the world’s first fully automated brewing system from brewing to fermentation

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The world's most advanced brewing devices are joining forces to make homebrewing as professional as never before!

Become a beermaster!

Loving beer is easy, but brewing is not. That’s why the two most innovative beer brewing companies join forces to make home brewing possible and enjoyable for everyone.

With the Brewie+ you can brew 20 liters of any type of beer at a push of a button. If you are an experienced brewer, enter the Developer Mode enjoy total control over your brew. And then set-and-forget it!

For the first time you can get deep insight in the fermentations of your beer. PLAATO Airlock optically measures the fermentation activity of any brew and lets you know when the fermentation starts, and when the fermentation is complete.

For beginner

The fully automated brewing technology makes anyone a masterbrewer

For experts

Precise brewing technology, real-time data and brewing/fermentation analytics

Brew any type of beer

You can brew literally up to of any type of beer

Perfect your recipe

Unlimited brewing parameters

Automated the process

From water intake to cooling and cleaning

Coming soon!

All data in one app!

By integrating Plaato into Brewie’s brewing app you will have all the data in one application! Track your beer from brewing to fermentation.

Brewing bundle


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Most frequent questions and answers

Efficiency is affected by a lot of factors. The technique you use, the ingredients, the recipe, the water, the temperatures etc. are all have a direct effect on your efficiency. With the Brewie+ the general efficiency is 65%+, but you can achieve well above 80% efficiency as well. In the HQ we brew with 75-90% efficiency. You can check out our tips how you can achieve high efficiency:

You can brew between 10-20 liters of beer on the Brewie+. Most of our users brew the standard 20 liters as containers, kegs and beer kits are mostly made for that amount. Need more capacity? No problem, we have many users who have several machines that they use simultaneously. In case you have questions about brewing on more than one machine at the same time you are welcome to contact us at

Our headquarter is currently in Budapest. As of now, Brewie+ and accessories are available in Australia, Canada, the European Union, Iceland, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States. Shipping is also possible to other countries, in cases of special requests – for more information, contact us at!

Shipping can take from 2-14 business days. Based on your location shipping time can vary greatly. If you want specific info about your location please feel free to contact us!

Yes, of course! Brewie is an open system and is fully customizable. You can use your own ingredients and you can create your own recipe. The limit is only your imagination!

The Brewie+ follows and covers all the steps of traditional beer brewing including: step-like mashing (unlimited steps), sparging, boiling (anti-foam algorithm), customizable hopping, cooling and even cleaning. The Brewie+ is currently the only machine on the market that covers all the steps of beer brewing, making it the world’s first fully automated beer brewing machine.

Good question, best is to fix that quickly by visiting the shop:

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