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Brewie B20s use a unique software, developed by the Brewie team for the purpose of helping you with the easiest way for homebrewing.

Once connected to the Internet, the software will automatically update itself. You can check the currently running version once the update window pops up.

When turned on for the first time, Brewie will ask for connection on all available networks. Once conenction is chosen and it connected, Brewie will remember the security code and will automatically connect to the same network every time it is turned on again.
Please note that the password does not include any special characters and that you use a safe network.

The Brewie application is now only available to Brewie owners. If you are owner send an email to to receive an invitation to the app. Please send an email address and your mobile phone's OS (Android or iOS).

Once the Brewie application is ready, you’ll be able to download it to either your phone or tablet, be it Android or IOS.

If your connection does not work, we recommend you to check your network’s encryption - Brewie B20s can handle WPA PSK, WPA2 PSK, WEP or open encryption, but not others. Also check if your Wi-Fi password needs any special characters - Brewie can only use characters in the English alphabet.

You may try 3 further things. Try sharing your phone's Internet with your Brewie and see if that works. Another option: you can buy a USB transformer and connect your Internet cable to the machine directly.

Please check a USB ethernet adapter by following this link.

Also, you may use the machine offline. When you see the listed Wi-Fis, there's a yellow button offering the option "USE OFFLINE".

As for how to create a hotspot using your phone, please follow this link.

Yes, of course! You can decide any time that you do not wish to connect to your network and start using the Brewie B20 in offline mode.

Since Brewie automatically connects to a network previously deemed safe, it might not sense that the network has no data traffic. In these cases we advise to check your network and restart the Brewie once data traffic resumed. If the issue did not solve, we advise to use an ethernet/USB cable to connect your Brewie B20 directly to your router, ensuring the data traffic it needs.

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