Brew your own beer

Have you ever thought of drinking your own homemade beer?

Now it’s the perfect time to begin…

Everyone has a favourite beer – though most people have tasted only 6-10% of all beer flavours throughout their lives. Entering a whole new world of beers is just a step away. We teach you the few easy steps to brew your very own beer. Sounds exciting, right?

The world's first fully automated brewing device. By using this device you can literally brew any kind of beer.

  • Brews any type of beer
  • Fully Automated
  • 20 liters of capacity
"I’m in love with beer since I was 20. I’ve never thought I could brew it myself: it was so much easier getting my favourites from the nearest store. Then came BREWIE+ with the promise that I could brew beers with endless possibilities regarding smell, colour and taste. I bought it immediately – oh wait, almost. My wife already threatened me to choose between her and another gadget at home. I am a tame husband – so I brewed my first batch at my friend’s; it was a fruity one. I offered a bottle to my dearest. Shortly after, she begged for a second one… I “sadly” told her, sweetie, you can’t buy this at any shop. The rest is history. We lived happily ever after: my wife, me, and our little Brewie+. "
41 - EU citizen

And you? Fancy learning how to brew? We’ve got this, download the guide!

Why should I brew my own beer?

So you want to discover the whole periodic table of beers? Don’t let this expedition out of your hands – be the leader of your very own beer lab! Your brew, your rules: „almost perfect beer” will soon be a thing of the past. And believe us, it’s easier than pie…

But how can I brew beer?!

You must think that home brewing challenging and time consuming. What if there is a solution which makes everything easier?

Take the first steps!

Download the Beginners Guide to Home Brewing and get more info about how to start home brewing with BREWIE+

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