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Latest Software Update

Latest available updates:

B20+: 3.1.1 (01/30/2019)

Original B20: 3.0 (3.1.1 under beta testing phase)

Release note for version 3.1.1

New software version 3.1 is now available for all Brewie+ devices, for the Original Brewie the update will be released in the second phase.

Main features of the new release:

The biggest improvement is the Developer Mode, which provides you total freedom during your brews. Check out the tutorial video here:

In the Recipe Editor the water volume calculator has been redesigned, sparge water volume calculation became dynamic and some bugs have been fixed

During brewing the water intake algorithm has been improved for more reliable and precise measurements (you will notice a 20 second break during water intake). Less chance for “No water intake” popup.

Short Clean bugfix to prevent overflow

Minor UI improvements (faster, smoother, more logical) and other bugfixes

To get the 3.1. software update please do the following:
Turn on the machine
Connect it to the internet
The 3.1. software version will be automatically installed (you may need to do a few power cycles during the process to finish installation)

If you want to help our work we strongly encourage you to give us feedback about the new software version. That way we can identify new bugs quicker and we can further improve our software.

Please click the link or the button below to give us feedback:
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