Let’s take a beer bath

Our skin is one of the most important organs with numerous psychological tasks. For example, it protects you from the environmental impacts, controls the heat balance of the body, takes part in metabolism, mediates, stores and senses fat, water and vitamins. The skin indicates its owner’s psychical and mental health state.

We don’t really want to exaggerate but maybe choosing beer is the best solution not just for your recreation but your skin’s as well according to the fact that this beverage is high in vitamins (especially vitamin B is good for the skin), yeast, and malt. Pantothenic acid’s B3 provitamin activates the metabolism of the skin cells and helps the skin’s self-healing. Niacin is also important, it assists in the collagen formation, and affects the pigment formation that gives you protection against UV radiance. The body can’t store vitamin B that is why we need to put that into our system on a daily basis. Remember, one glass of beer almost covers the daily vitamin B necessity.

Believe it or not, beer is perfect for external use as well. Plinius wrote that (ca. 2000 years ago) women from Egypt used beer for skincare. Since then it is scientifically proved that our beloved beverage is superb for our skin and hair. Are you a little skeptical about it? Try the following beer bath recipe.

Mix a glass of wheat beer with a glass of apple vinegar and two tablespoons milk, add one teaspoon sea salt. Put this mixture into your bath and stay at least 15 minutes in the tub. You will feel the difference immediately when you get out from the bath but if this method is not convincing enough for you then get back to its original use: drink it.

Drinking it in moderation, beer can be good for your skin, for your soul and for your health as well. Want to know more about these aspects of your drink? Click here!

Beer at the push of a button

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