The Malt Pack


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The Malt Pack

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Out of stock

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Inside the Malt Pack, you’ll find a pack of Rusty Rex, Call Me Grainy, Dark Monk, and Tales From The Cellar.

The Pack includes:

– 1 Rusty Rex

– 1 Call Me Grainy

– 1 Dark Monk

– 1 Tales From The Cellar

Brewie Pads

An English Pale Ale, an easy to drink summer beer, an autumn Porter and a full tasted Stout. As you can see the Malt Pack’s strength is in malt and when you love strong Ales and roasted maltiness then the Malt Pack have been made just for you! It’s a package for four seasons, to serve beside dishes like smoky cheese, grilled meat, shellfish and fruity desserts. Or just drink them with your friends, they won’t be ungrateful.

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