The Wheat Pack


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The Wheat Pack

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When you prefer wheat beer and refreshing, fruity taste choose the Wheat Pack for your brewing journey. A galactic American IPA, a spiced Belgian Style Ale, a wheat-based German beer and a Saison with spicy notes and a touch of sweetness.

The Pack includes:
– 1 Call Me Grainy
– 1 Hopersonic
– 1 The Witcher
– 1 Fall In A Bottle
Brewie Pads

These Pads’ malt profiles consist significant amount of wheat malt. Some of them are specifically wheat beers but in the case of others, we use wheat malt because of the mouthfeel, the beer head or the appearance of the beverage itself. Call Me Grainy, Hopersonic, The Witcher and Fall In A Bottle show you over the marks of wheatness depending on their ingredients.

Serve these tasty beverages beside dumplings, burgers, fish and chips, light cheese or seafood to create a complex gastronomic experience for yourself and your loved ones.

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