Beer Recipe Database PC

Recipe structure

Recipe Interface
  • Details
    Here you have all the general characteristics of your beer, like the alcohol percentage all according BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program)
  • Ingredients
    This part of the recipe includes the proportion of all ingredients in your beer. The ratio will define the taste of it.
  • Brewing
    Here you can read about how much water is needed, all the info about the mashing steps, what temperature levels you will apply.
  • Fermentation
    It is also important to know all the information about how you need to ferment - like the needed temperature and days before you can drink your own beer. It usually takes 5 to 21 days of fermentation.

Create with no limits

Brewie Beersmith Download or Create Your Own Beer Recipes Recipe Database Cloud
Import from Beersmith or Brewer's Friends
Brewie connects to our online database from where you can sync hundreds of recipes. We collaborate with professional breweries and home brewing experts to provide you a wide selection of quality beer recipes. Our database is compatible with Beer XML meaning that you can use your recipes from Brewer's Friend and Beer Smith.
Download or Share
We also think about the scenario when you do not have internet access. In this case, you can just simply upload your recipe to Brewie from your USB drive.

Why is our ecosystem so special?

Automated Home Brewery With WiFi Connection Brewie User Recipe Database Cloud
Always Stay Connected
With Brewie you do not have geographical limitations. You can sync your recipes to it from everywhere let it be a laptop, phone or tablet.
Your Profile Always Stays Up-to-date
With our social platform, you can view your previous batches, modify recipes, or follow how your fermentation is ongoing. We also give you notifications when something needs to be modified.

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