That Holy Beer Master!

Jason is a UK beer lover who‘s just sent us a priceless story on one of his first experiences with Brewie+. So, here is a proof that a good beer can transform a situation from sticky to foamy…

“What the hell”, twice a day

It was suspicious – I had too many surprises for an average Tuesday. The first was simply a happy news: I got a call that my Brewie+ plus will arrive to my home soon that day. But the second was hard to believe: my friend Ted finally popped the question to his girlfriend, got a yes, and is in quite a hurry: wedding in four months, stag party in three months. Did I mention that Ted is famous for his spontaneity? He casually said ‘Hey, just heard about that beer making box you bought. Would be nice to have some original booze on that weekend – don’t make me buy some cheap lame pilsner if you’re such a master!’  And here I was, freshly awarded with the title of brewing expert, without any clue what hop is and what it is supposed to do in the whole process.

Sweat and bubbles

“Luckily, I had the Exo-Zaic an all-grain beer kit it my order and a recipe in my mind that I kind of randomly picked from the guide. I choose the one that sounded the craziest at first glimpse: Mango Habanero IPA. It shouldn’t be bad, I thought, mango and IPA seem to fit for a summer party and all lads who come like a spicy Mexican taste. It shouldn’t be that hard, I also thought… and there came the surprise that hit me like a fist: it really wasn’t. I was stressing for weeks wondering if I did everything right, but there were such a little fuss that I almost forget about it. Then suddenly, there I stood in my home’s cellar in the middle of the night, shouting ‘Yes! Yes, I f🍺cking did it!’ This is when my brew was ready.  And it tasted like mango. And habanero. And most importantly, it had that inexplicably fresh IPA aroma that I only got to taste in expensive hipster beers before. ”

That holy beer master

”Bottling and applying my logoed stickers were one of the proudest hours of my life – until the day of the party came. Even in the sober beginnings, I got those appreciative shoulder taps from friends I haven’t seen since uni. ‘So you brew beer, huh? Impressive, mate.’ I have to admit there are some scenarios that mysteriously disappeared from my mind about that night, but I can clearly remember a few things. I recall my always-single friend Matt, who drunkenly jumped on the table, kneeled in front of one of my IPA bottles and screamed ‘please marry me!’ in tears. I also have a vivid picture of a few members of the group sitting next to a taco restaurant. Tomorrow one of them said ‘thanks bro, that crazily fine beer of you made us want to eat something matching so we owe you lots. We drank a lot but as we ate, none of us has that hellfire hangover’.

Who would mind to be called ‘that holy beer master’ among you friends for the rest of your life? This is what happened to me, a complete newbie, so thanks guys for creating Brewie+!”

Beer at the push of a button

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