The Brewie Series – videos

Although we’ve always wished to help with as much assistance about brewing, as we could produce, a comprehensive, visual setup- and brewing guide, that uses the freshest software has not yet been born – until now! The Brewie Series wishes to fulfill all blank spaces you might had about the usage of Brewie. In chapters 1-2, the Series walks the brand new users through the process of assembling and first checking the machine (with the safety clean and calibration). In Chapter 3 it show anyone what they can expect from the touch-screen controlled Brewie software, and in Chapter 4, Ottó, our brewer shows you how an average brewing is conducted in the Brewie. Chapter 5 and 6 are the finishing touches – showing users how to drain the wort, how to start fermentation and how to use Brewie’s automatic cleaning programs to make sure that the machine is ready and clean for just another batch.

Check the videos at and leave a comment if you have any questions about them!

Beer at the push of a button

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