The physics of beer bubbles

For obvious reasons, the act of going out lets you chill a little. At those times you don’t have to work, clean your brewing machine or supervise your children when they’re having a deadly fight with each other. When you’re out and can focus on your own entertainment, you become lighter and lighter – you slowly unwind, you are more and more capable to chill out, you realize that you are already lounging, you leave your everyday worries behind your back – it definitely helps you keep your body and soul together. No doubt drinking while you’re out and having fun is a piece of cake, it relaxes your mind, sharpens your humour (or at least you think it does) and provides you a great time for a couple of hours but certainly not for the next day.

Everyone is familiar with the feeling of hangover and it surely can make you even more depressed than you were before you’ve started having fun. Do you remember the drunkard from The Little Prince of Exupéry? He drank because he was sad and he was sad because he was ashamed of his drinking. Catch twenty-two it is. But you don’t have to be worried this time because British scientists have shown that visiting your favourite pub once in a while (namely at least once a week) can really reduce your level of stress!

Usually, girlfriends and wives immediately get moody when you present the idea of going out with your friends after a hardworking day. If nothing else, the previously mentioned revelation can be the perfect reference point to justify yourself. Because obviously, you just want to be healthy! (Joking apart, like every other thing in life, going out works for you when you do it moderately – and another important thing to remember: maybe drinking with your buddies decreases your stress level, but it can easily increase you spouse’s at the same time, so be careful!) We offer you a compromise: hit your automated home brewing system and from now on with this all in one beer brewing machine you don’t have to leave the house if you don’t want to. Unwanted effects: all of your beer buddies will shortly discover your beer machine and all of them would reside in your home. Preferably forever.

British scientists have shown that the regular visit to bars and pubs reduce the level of stress in people. As we already mentioned moderate beer consumption besides regular workout and a well balanced diet can be good for your heart, for example, it reduces the risks of a heart attack. Dr. Colin Gill, a professor from Leeds University stated that according to a survey, men desire more freedom than women. If they can’t go to their favourite pub at least once in a week they become depressed, edgy, feeling themselves burnt-out and empty.

For protecting the mental stability of men the relaxed atmosphere of a bar and the company of good friends is an ace combination. At first sight it might be surprising but it’s not all about the drinking! Only the 10% of the interviewed men put alcohol in the first place when they were asked about recreational habits. 40% stated that even though they drink nonalcoholic beverages, they willingly accompany their friends or colleagues and having fun with them after work. After all everybody needs their own space and time to unwind.

Fancy starting a home brewery this year? You don’t need any basic knowledge or experience of brewing! 

Beer at the push of a button

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