Why choose the Brewie+ over another home brewing machine?

All of us reach a point in our lives when we feel the urge to do something completely different from our daily routine or something that had been only a dream for years. To create anything that alongside the joy factor can also be beneficial. There’s no getting around it, the era of craft beers has started a couple of years ago and what can be the best response for this trend other than letting home brewing happen to create a reality where making your own craft beer in the comfort of your home becomes a daily (or at least weekly) fun.

Home brewing has a history longer than the worldwide popularity of craft beverages. Doing it was always an honourable but maybe a bit cumbersome job: sorting out kegs, cleaning before and after brewing, storing the equipment itself and spending tiring hours of experimenting the perfect recipe.

Living in this accelerated world that has particularly high expectations towards us, in spite of the slow movement, we all have to do everything faster than before. Basically, you have three opportunity if you would like to adapt a hobby to your lifestyle. Neglect your family and friends and spend all of your free time with your new passion. Neglect the hobby and be with your loved ones. Or the fusion of the previous two options: be with your family while doing this new thing. The latter demands an easily manageable hobby that complies with your timetable perfectly. In case of home brewing, the purchase of an automated beer brewing device is the best solution for you.

The Brewie+ is the world’s most advanced home brewing machine, designed by beer lovers for beer lovers. This automated home brewing system allows you to take part only in the beginning and the end of the operation (setting of the brewing’s parameters, adding ingredients and fermenting) and does everything from mashing to cooling instead of you. The machine does not require any previous brewing experience – but is a great tool for master brewers or commercial breweries as well as for the beginners of this fine art. Based on home brewers’ feedback, Brewie built this machine to be fast in brewing, easy to control, big in capacity and still be in an available price range. We are listing reasons why it’s worth to invest your money in this special automated home brewing machine, the Brewie+ for your home brewing journey.

With Brewie+, you can brew up to 20 liters of beer (5.28 gallons) – you’ll be not only able to brew for yourself and your friends but with repeted brewing routine, you can freely attend the consumption of your own brewery! Do the math, it’s perfectly clear why Brewie’s offer is better than anyone’s. From now on, thanks to your Brewie+, you only have to pay 50c for a bottle of tasty beer.

From 10 to 20 liters of wort without any supervision
We offer you the world’s first fully automated beer brewing device and the only machine on the market that takes care of every single step of the brewing process and follows exactly the traditional way of brewing. Brew your beer every seven hours!

Any type of beer in craft beer quality
Brewie+ won’t limit your fantasy: thanks to the software and hardware attributes, you can brew your favourite types of beer at home. It can be an Imperial with more than 10% ABV, a harsh IPA or a refreshing Belgian-style wheat beer. The machine brews on a constant high level, and this guarantees a top-rated craft beer.

Simpler, lighter, stronger & faster
The redesigned, more stable electronics ensure the safest working ever. While designing and meticulously developing the Brewie+’s system, our engineers have tirelessly worked on building a perfectly working machine that simplifies the brewing routine and easy to control both for beginners who aren’t sure in themselves (yet!) and for experts who don’t want to deal with issues other than setting variable parameters, experimenting and mastering their recipes. It’s easier to transport and service than its older brother (Brewie+’s net. weight is 29 kg) and has a bigger capacity for more recipes and 20.000 hours running time for mastering your skills.

Faster brewing process
The newest home brewing system’s pumps from the manufacturer of Tesla provide you easier controllability and faster brewing. These parts have been designed to process commands more quickly and to speed up water transfer and the draining process, decreasing total brewing time up to 50 minutes shorter.

Mobile application
Start making your own beer with the push of a button and monitor the process from afar. This Brewie-connected mobile application lets you follow the brewing in real time, control it remotely and even notifies you of your beer’s fermentation phases. Start your brew, spend some time with the family or friends and get back in time for racking!

Water sensors
Flawless and more precise brewing experience with water sensors – the machine’s functioning will be completely independent of the surroundings. Thanks to them, now you don’t have to put your machine solely on a hard, horizontal surface – you can freely place it on any rug or even a tablecloth will be fine. Don’t let anyone or anything bother your brewing session!

A beer brewing machine that cleans itself
You need to clean your equipment before and after brewing to produce high quality, fresh craft beer. This automated home brewing system helps you out and performs the cleaning and even the sanitizing process instead of you. Brewie+ has a three-phased, automated cleaning program. Using this type of brewery, cleaning won’t be an unpleasant and nerve-racking activity in the next brewing sessions to come. Brewie+ truly is the first beer brewing machine that provides you time for other important issues while it brews your beverage and cleans itself afterward.

Consider buying this machine if you’re playing with a thought of brewing some craft beer at home. Click here and check the Brewie+ out in the Brewie Shop!

Beer at the push of a button

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