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The newest generation

Brewie+ evolution in home brewing

Taking brewing experience, technical simplification and user feedback into consideration, the Brewie+ has become the simple most advanced brewing machine on the market.

Improved time-efficiency

By optimizing firmware control and introducing custom-made parts, the total brewing time has been decreased by up to 15%

Remote control

Download the Brewie application and control your Brewie+ while saving your precious time for the tasks that really matter

Upgraded precision and UX

With upgraded inner water sensors, the Brewie+ is the no-nonsense, easy-to-handle brewing device you've been waiting for

Increased Wi-Fi reception

Brew your favourite beers from your garage, garden shed or other brewing den, and connect to your home network easily for total control from anywhere

Doubled memory storage

Live up to your brewing dreams, test and experiment with recipes without limitation - the Brewie+ gives you the space to improve your own database

Clear coating

Impress anyone with the smooth, efficiency-oriented design of the Brewie+ and keep it clean easier than ever

Need bigger capacity?

Brew 5-10-15-20 gallons or even more

Are you a brewery, restaurant or brewpub and want to brew more than just 5 gallons (20 liters)? No problem! Thanks to the mobile app you can connect as many Brewie as you want and brew 10-15-20 gallons (40-60-80 liters) or even more! Check out our deals and save up to $3000!

  • Home brewers
  • Breweries
  • Brewpubs & Restaurants
  • Companies

Save precious time with the automated temperature control, cooling and cleaning programs to prepare for fermentation or to spend time with the family! By creating and managing recipes on its native software, the Brewie+ lets you have total control over your brew, while still reaching consistent results.

The Brewie+ was meant for you

Suiting your experience

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